Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.
Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.


Adam Jacobs Associates Inc supports a diverse clientele across many industries. As a technology company, demand for our services has no specific industry boundaries. Recognizing that knowledge of a clients specific industry makes us more valuable to those clients and provides us with the tools to do the best job possible, we excel in bringing this knowledge forward.

The importance of your industries knowledge is so important in providing comprehensive and lasting services. As a technology solutions provider, we sometimes find that specific industry knowledge ends up having no bearing on the technology solution we provide. But it does provide a comfort level to your staff as we work with them. Understanding what derivatives, FX, CAD, POS, SWIFT and many other industry specific terms mean helps us communicate effectively with your staff. Understanding the difference between a Business Analyst helping develop trading systems and a Business Analyst developing tracking systems for a pharmaceutical company might seem small. But it really is the difference of us sending in the correct person to do either of the two distinctly different jobs.

Adam Jacobs Associates also recognizes that just categorizing clients by industry or SIC code is not enough. Our knowledge is specific to the many niches within an industry.

Following is a partial list of business types that we have worked with.

- Mortgage Banks
- Retail Banks
- Commercial Banks
- Computer Manufacturers
- Aircraft Manufacturers
- Liquor sales (wholesale)
- Media brand licensing agencies
- Quantitative Strategists for Mortgage credit rating
- Credit Default Modeling
- Marketing Mix Modeling
- Statistical and proprietary trading quantitative systems
- Arbitrage Quantitative trading systems
- Energy trading systems
- Airlines
- Broadcast Media Firms
- Advertising Agencies
- Retail sales firms
- Hotel/Lodging, luxury and upscale segment
- Pension Management Systems
- Asset Management specialists
- Equity Trading Software systems
- Fixed Income Trading Software
- Foreign Exchange Trading Software
- Options Trading Software
- Derivatives Trading Software
- Investment Banking
- Bond Trading, Municipal/Corporate/Government
- Hedge Fund Company
- Fixed Income Research
- Equity Research Firms
- Leisure industry companies
- NYSE common stock specialists
- Basket, Index, options, Automated, real-time systems
- Scientific publishing house
- Domestic Equities trading firm
- Sales of Japanese equities to institutional investors
- Retail sales web company
- Healthcare network solutions provider
- Law firms
- Transportation Technology specialists
- Professional Sports associations
- Life insurance companies
- Brokerage houses
- Retail point of sale

Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.
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