Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.
Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.

Permanent Placement

The diverse backgrounds of the individuals that make up Adam Jacobs Associates are why we are progressive, modern, and inventive in our approach to recruiting and placement. We are committed to recognizing we are working with individuals and companies whose situations can be positively effected when we do our jobs well.

We work for you and we always keep that in mind. Forging long-term relationships is in both of our interests. This approach dictates a consultative attitude. We are always able to inform you on a candidates’ competitive situations and we take pride in presenting candidates that are available at the lower end of the salary or rate for your opportunity.

Adam Jacobs always goes beyond the buzzword matching so prevalent in the industry. We take the time to know your environment beyond the basic skill-set needed to qualify for the opportunity. We also take the time to know our candidates on a personal basis and understand why they are looking. We truly believe that a lasting placement is a match of human beings.

A New York Times study of hiring done without the help of a staffing agency, found that employers review about 24 resumes and interview 6 applicants per job opening. Results, of those applicants offered jobs, two-thirds reject an offer!

We understand that we earn our fee by finding, recruiting, screening out, qualifying and then presenting 2-4 of these pre-screened, pre-qualified applicants: Each of whom can fill your position and have been qualified to accept your offer!

Adam Jacobs Associates is committed to providing our clients with the Top candidates in the IT field. Our staff is trained to understand what makes a critical hire. 75% of our positions are filled within the first two weeks of the first interview. Our goal is to gather as much information from the hiring manager to correctly match a candidate to the current need or needs of our clients.

Part of our formula for success is Adam Jacobs Associates understanding that only 1% of the managers job is dedicated to hiring, so that hiring process should be made as effortless as possible for the hiring manager.

We at Adam Jacobs Associates understand that the combination of superior service, quality candidates and building of long-term relationships is what separates us from our competitors. You are never abandoned at ‘start date’. Thus, most of our clients are repeat customers and many of our clients are past candidates!

Adam Jacobs Associates, Inc.
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